The Diocese of the Armenian Church in Germany starts planning the social project “Education needs spaces” in Hovk. The idyllic village in Tavush province is one of the poorest villages in Armenia. Officially, the village has 456 residents, 115 families. It is mostly the displaced people from Azerbaijan who fled to Armenia in 1988-1990.

The main occupation of the villagers is farming, farming and animal husbandry. Whereby there is a lack of any technology in the village. The young villagers see no prospects, which leads them to leave the village or emigrate. Of the 115 families, 70 are on welfare and pensioners. 94 children of pre-school and school age and 83 pensioners live here.

The focus of the project are the children between the ages of 6 and 17 and the village school. "Education needs spaces" will try to create spaces for good education for the children through gradual renovation, to give the children access to sports and extracurricular activities, to enable healthy and balanced nutrition and to initiate and promote extracurricular education and exchange projects.

What we plan:

Our project "Education needs spaces" aims to help the village community of Hovk to create suitable spaces for the education and healthy development of the children and to use them sustainably for these purposes.

Phase I
Renovation and equipment of the gym

Phase II
Warm meals for all school children

Stage III
Refurbishment and equipment of the school rooms

Stage IV
Extracurricular educational projects and exchange programs

How you can help:

Of course, such a project is only possible with the financial support and commitment of our compatriots and friends.

You can help us with your one-time donation, with a standing order for the project, with your professional skills or with the active manual work on site.

For more information, please contact the Diakonie & Social Affairs department of our diocese.


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