Dear members and friends,
dear sisters and brothers,

For years, individual congregations in our diocese, like the diocese itself, have been trying to support Armenia and especially the poorest in Armenia through various aid projects.

After Azerbaijan's attack on the Republic of Artsakh, the suffering and hardships of the people increased. With the blessing of the Primate of our Diocese, Bishop Serovpé Isakhanyan, Let's keep striving for the well-being of the people, especially the poorest of the poor in Artsakh and Armenia.

We invite you too this Christmas ato take part in the campaign "Give Christmas joy - to the poorest of the poor in Artsakh and Armenia!". With this action we would like to draw attention to the situation of the people in Artsakh and Armenia and try to give the families with more than three children a little hope and joy through the collected donations, to express our attention and love to them.

Help us to help people!

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Rev. Dr. Diradur Sardaryan

Department of Diaconia and Social Affairs
of the Armenian Church in Germany

What's the matter?

In cooperation with the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Church and the Aid Center for Displaced People from Artsakh in Armenia, we will again this year select particularly needy people and displaced families with more than three children and provide them with packages of food and hygiene items. The packages worth around EUR 50 are purchased on site. At the same time, we also want to support local retailers.

In many places in Armenia, Christmas looks very different from ours. Especially after Azerbaijan's attack on Nagorno-Karabakh. The war brought disaster. Many families had to leave their belongings behind and flee. There are thousands of victims to mourn. Added to this is the already widespread poverty and unemployment. The pandemic is further exacerbating the situation.

No feast on the table is unfortunately often unavoidable in this situation! And when our children unwrap their presents, others sit hungry in front of empty plates.

Meeting these people is something that enriches us on both sides. Each and every one of them is a gospel, a sermon addressed to our often petrified hearts. We have given these people small moments of joy over the past few years. And they gave us their smiles and their prayers... Even now we can't do without it and together with God's help we want to share what God has generously given us here in Germany.

Our compatriots in Armenia need our help now more than ever. Especially the poorest of the poor. They need our prayers, they need us as friends who won't let them down, and they need small miracles.

Help us! Give the gift of joy at Christmas!